Fun -draising Activities:  

Fundscrip A fun way to raise money for SGUC and save money at the same time

Message from Diane....

For this month, please complete the order form by Sunday January 25th but date your cheque February 1st or 2nd. I would like to input the orders early this month. Your cheques will be given to Lynne and she will not deposit them until Monday February 2nd. The cards will be distributed at Church on February 8th.

I have attached an order form to the "SGUC Broadcast" email of January 13th if you can print it but will have copies made and available in the Church Hall this Sunday.



On-going Fund Raising activities include:

  • Book Shelf items (books, CD's, DVD's) for sale at $1.00 each
  • Penny Jar (loose or wrapped) donations are used to supplement the Sunday School's Sponsor Child. You can also drop Canadian Tire money in the Penny Jar.
  • Frozen berry drives are organized several times a year; dates will be posted.
  • Hand crafted Greeting Cards are offered for sale, as stock permits, for $5.00 each.